I want to be forgotten,
and I don’t want to be reminded.
You say “please don’t make this harder.”
No, I won’t yet.
“-  The Strokes

So I just got back from a wonderful trip to Seattle which I will post about later. Promise. But this post is about something different. It is about a change in direction. 2.0

Anyway, here is my favorite song of the week. Just rocked an 8 mile run with this on repeat. Very spiritual, especially the end. Enjoy!

3 thoughts on “2.0

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  1. October was the very first tape I ever bought (bought Joshua Tree at the same time) back in 6th or 7th grade. I wore those out, I believe. Glad you had fun in Seattle!

  2. Great song! I too have some great memories rocking out U2 cassettes back in the day. Looking forward to finding what all this 2.0 jazz is about.

  3. Love that Strokes song, and at this current time in life, it really is relevant—thanks for reminding me to listen 😉 And I hope you’ll blog again soon!

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