Comments That Rock

I love it when people share their opinions or memories on this blog. It has always been a special part for me and when strangers from around the world reach out and say “hey, I remember that and this is what it meant to me”, I get pretty jazzed. But every so often there is one comment that takes the cake. Enter Jessica.

On the post “Peeing Your Pants Is The Coolest” , I wrote the trials and tribulation about growing up as a dork. Especially when social gatherings involved roller skating. Jessica needed to express here love for a certain roller-rink that brought her joy and me…terror.


Jessica- “i am thirteen and i just wanted to say i love sparkles roller rink, and it shares a whole lot of fun and spirit!!! plus, i just broke my arm a sparkles for being a daredevil,(don’t try this ever!!! ) I skated on one foot for 6 seconds, but sparkles staff helped me!!! gosh they are so generous!!!! i have been going to sparkles forever since i was 2 weeks old!!! ya gotta love sparkles!!! i will be going to sparkles a whole lot now, so look for me i’ll say hey, just dont stalk me. love you guys!!!
p.s. my cast is purple!!! lol”

Thanks Jessica. That was pure awesomeness and please come back and share more with us. But I don’t think you will see me at a Sparkles. Not unless the polarities of the Earth shift causing opposite day to take place. In that case, keep your eye out for a guy in a blue jumper and a bicycle helmet.

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