RTW, Japan, NC & Me

Brian over at Review the World has launched another great video of his visit to my homeland of North Carolina. Here, we taste a little flavor of Japan with their spicy chips, wacky soda and green tea Kit-Kats. it was a blast shooting with Brian especially since I have been a fan of his site for so many years.

More to come so heads up! Oh, and he is returning for the Halloween Hootnany, happening right here the first week of September. I’ll get into that later. But for now, here is Brian and me in the second edition of VeggieMacabre and RtW Meet! Hope you enjoy!

Coming Soon!

Hey there. The new post on the “Cheap Christmas Countdown” is posting in a bit. What are we up to…day seven? I think so. Well, anyway, here is Brian’s latest awesome post from yesterday. Merry Gum Balls! You know what that means.

Screen Shot 2012-12-16 at 12.31.06 PM
Click on Brian

SKEEEEE KABLOOM!!! crackle crackle crackle

Those were firework sounds.

So I am back and this time I am here to stay. I know this has been said before but seriously, this time I mean it. I have crossed a new milestone my friends and one I never thought I would. I have gone two months without a single blog. There will be two spaces on my blog-monthly-list you see to the left, that will be forever vacant. But trust me, my real life that I include in these streaming words of consciousness is just as vacant. Nothing really happened.  Somewhere, someone had an earth-shattering life experience that many years from now can tell you where and when they were in the time that life merely skipped by me and I feel good to say….it’s okay. I am glad that there are two missing months to forget. It teaches me to appreciate the months that are present. At least on my blog.

Anyway, BIG NEWS!!!! Review the World. com and Veggie Macabre are teaming up. I consider it to be like the Ultimate Warrior and Rowdy Roddy Piper teaming up or perhaps maybe eating and living. Pretty much two great combos. I have been a huge fan of Brian and his web-page for years so I am very fortunate to get this opportunity. I have a feeling between the TV portion and the random articles, he and I will make this the internet that I have always wanted; loving the little things and and doing it with a sense of humor. Kind of like this.



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