FLTO: Caramel Apple Filled Twizzlers

“…the Angel of the Lord came down from Heaven, and they were so afraid! The angel said, “fear not for I bring you tidings of great joy. For this Fall season, Caramel Apple filled twists from Twizzlers are here to stick to your molars.”

Screen Shot 2014-09-04 at 4.37.43 PMI spotted these a few weeks ago in a Kmart. Yes, there was barely a squeak of Halloween in the one of three remaining Kmarts in the North Carolina state but my weird sixth sense indicated there was something to be found. Like when Vader smells old man Obi Wan’s Force-stink on the Death Star. I sensed something I had not sensed since…

There they were! It has been a few weeks so today I will bust these out and try them just for you. I don’t have high hopes for these because I have never been a huge caramel apple lover. When you say the words “caramel apple” I always imagine funny ways the elderly lose their dentures. Other than that, it is nothing more than fair food you want to throw out thirty seconds after you buy one. Maybe in Twizzler form they would be more appealing?

Screen Shot 2014-09-04 at 4.36.36 PM


I will be honest, the first presentation of these are pretty eye appealing. It looks like a Peruvian pan flute if the Peruvian band covered Agent Orange tunes. The green of the licorice is a Gremlin-blood green while the caramel looks almost too perfect. The contrast is strikingly nice. But what about the taste?

Screen Shot 2014-09-04 at 4.36.53 PM

Wow, that is exactly a caramel apple blend! I don’t know what else I was expecting but the caramel really over powers everything after a second or two. It’s not that the Twizzler’s apple flavoring sucks or anything, it’s really just me. I grew up on the precursor to adding “sour” before anything “apple” when it comes to candy. When an apple flavored anything comes along that doesn’t have a zing, I am left with an overall blasé feeling. Like I said, it’s not the fault of Twizzler, I just keep chasing that dragon.

This season Caramel Apple is a contender for what Pumpkin has become. It is showing up almost every where from seasonal ice cream, candy corn, and coffee, to now Twizzlers. I don’t hate it and to be honest, if it wants to make a run for it, I wish it well. Just stay out of my beer. Unless…cider beer? Hrm. I am going to have to think on that one.

So, on a scale of one to ten severed Sleep Hollow residents heads, I give Caramel Apple Filled Twizzlers a seven. The lackluster green apple kept it from achieving a grade that would be hung on a fridge.

Go get some. They come in Halloween fun sizes too!

Food Truck Rodeo!

It was a very special day here at VeggieMacabre. A day when I finally was able to meet a fellow blogger to partake in a local event and capture it all on video. I have been a big fan of her site for well over two years and if you want to know anything about bacon, that is the site to visit. She has great little Flip videos from random restaurants or simply a taste test at the PC HQ. Her witty takes on food in particular, makes it so very entertaining. I highly recommend you give her a read because I said so.

Who is she, you ask? Why it’s The Practical Cook, of course! I lucked out and she paid a visit to my home city which just so happened to have a food truck rodeo going down. It was meant to be. I grabbed my camera, and she grabbed her Flip and we met at my little watering hole that was sponsoring the event. With plenty of IPA beer, we secured a couple of seats at the bar to shoot our coverage of the rodeo and enlisted the help of my two buddies, Jared and Lee, to eat and chat.

Screen Shot 2013-04-22 at 4.22.11 PM

This was the first Food Truck Rodeo here in the Winston area so no one really knew the amount of people who would show up. They estimated between five hundred to eleven hundred, at best. Nope. More like ten thousand. The lines were absolutely ridiculous but we really didn’t mind so much. We inadvertently planned it out well and took turns standing in line to bring back new things to try while the rest of the group drank beer. Unfortunately, the average line was an hour and many of the popular truck ran out of food before most people could reach it. There was a great chance that one could actually learn Korean before reaching the Korean BBQ truck. It was just too much in too small of an area.

But that doesn’t mean we didn’t get some good stuff! Behold, we shot a video featuring a giant turkey leg, turkey livers (ick), Juicy Lucy burger, awesome bacon burger, a black bean burger and crazy cupcakes. It was very “Practical Cook”.

I know it was noisy there, but the video will hopefully do the food justice. I really like the dialogue between Amy, Lee and Jared. I need to apologize for my video skills. It’s a learning curve for me.

Thanks Amy for coming to Winston! This is the beginning of a fantastic joint venture.

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