Wait One

I swear I am coming back. I have been dealing with work, business trips, my tattoo and moving. Oh, and above all else, I have been writing every day and also filming for my epic Halloween countdown that will either propel me into greatness or kill me like a McNugget Sweet&Sour dipping pack behind a car tire. It will be something.

To bridge a couple of day gap, I will reintroduce my self-made video of Billy Connolly agreeing with my disdain for commercials that have obnoxious eating sounds. Fuck off indeed!

Loud Burger

I had to make a quick little video for my disgust in regards to the over the top audio in Carl’s Jr/Hardee’s and Kit Kat commercials. I can’t tell you the revolt and anger that comes from hearing an exaggerated chomp sound. Especially the Hardee’s/Carl’s Jr commercials featuring super models biting into a burger that sounds like it’s full of wet glass. I hate it. You hate it. I would rather see Heidi Klum talk about stole softeners than eat a burger with NASA microphones aimed at her mouth.

I want to personally thank Bill Connolly for saying what we all think. Enjoy my short video.

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