Shout-outs, Challenges and a Bad Beer

The title pretty much sums up this latest video. I had the pleasure of almost hurling after drinking what I hope was an expired microbrew from Hell. I say “hope” because that would excuse the makers from inadvertantly inventing artificial piss.

Hope you liked this little shout out and challenge. Please check out G-Force Friday and Shiny Gilly. They are linked on the “Friends” page and prepare yourself for feel-good fun and laughs. (Gilly is not pronounced Jilly like I always do. I think I may have done that in the video)

And of course you know my love of all things Review the World. It’s up to you Brian! Bring it!



Beer, Bees and Vurps

It’s time for another wonderful beer review. This time we have breached the wire into the Holiday brews more commonly refered to as “Winter Ales” and to be honest with you, I’m not a huge fan. I am not a person for sweet stuff. Not even remotely. So when you add a ton of sugar and spices to man’s greatest invention, you can tell that I’ll turn my nose high and make my patented shit face. But a few do pass the test. The first couple did not. Actually in the 5th video I almost lose it. I’ll explain in a minute.

But first here is a beer that I hate.Proving that just because you wear an “It’s All Good” shirt doesn’t make everything “all good”. Oh, and my cat attacks a bee and I become a concerned parent. Such a sad life I lead at times.

You can actually skip ahead to the last 2 minutes of this and witness a true “boomerang” shot of beer. I don’t recall why, but when I drank the last sip it did not sit well at all and I had a mild episode. Of sorts. Thanks Mike for capturing the moment when I fought the need to yarf on the camera.

One small step for me, one giant leap backward for my manhood. Enjoy.

This blog will not turn into a beer vlog, I promise. I just need to post a few of these for a commitment I made. An over-commitment actually.


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