October First!

Hell Show

Do you want to party? It’s party time! The scariest month of the year is finally here and every day the Hell Show is going to be living it up as if there was an Earth destroying asteroid on course to hit at midnight, November first. It’s the month where Halloween creeps into every aspect of normal life. You can’t watch TV without Frankenstein trying to sell you a Nissan. You can’t go to a gas station without a giant blue M&M on display wearing a cap and fangs. Hell, you can’t even get a cup of coffee without the temptation to have it spiked with an orange gourd. And all of this is fantastic.

So what are we doing now that the Hell Show is entering October? Well, I’m glad I asked as if you asked! There will be videos and more reviews but I also am ramping up the #CODAMN fun (Casserole of Disaster’s Awesome Movie Night) as well because let’s face it, horror movies are always more fun with friends. Every Thursday night we will be doing a “watch-a-long” on social media starting at 10pm eastern. Just like what we did over the summer and the prizes for this season are amazing. The movie will be announced on Monday and reminders will be all week leading up to the start including a very special Halloween Special on YouTube. All you have to do is watch along and you enter to be a possible winner! All movies will be streaming for the max participation.

The series “Casserole Visits” are a series of videos from my spooky travels to include local haunts. This year I’ve been to so many crazy places and I can’t wait to show you. Ever seen a haunted doll that is said to run around on its own? Ever drink beer in a 600 year old bar that used to be a spot they hung witches? Ever walk around a state penitentiary that is said to be so haunted the employees have to travel in pairs when they close it down for the night? If you answered yes to any of the questions, you’re weird. But you’re my kind of weird because I have too and the videos to prove it!

Fridays are a great time to do live reviews on YouTube Live, Instagram Live and Periscope. Judging which one is easier and better received is still in question but there will be some of that happening every Friday night! Somethings are just better done live and interacting with fantastic people around the country and world seems like a Halloween hoot.

Of course, The Hell Show has many amazing friends who do great things for Halloween so pay attention to these fine freaks. Below are a few you need to have on your list to get max Halloween fun.

O.T.I.S. is one of my most favorite places to escape to even when it’s not the scariest time of the year. JW Ocker takes us on a fantastic voyage to some of the weirdest places in the country and beyond and his Halloween countdown is in full motion. Not only is he a close personal friend of mine, he is an accomplished author, expert on all things Edgar Allen Poe, has a probably the greatest collection of Ray Bradbury items and runs an amazing site. Oh yeah, he’s a great dad too.

Ryan Watches Spooky Stuff and VH Ed is one of the more impressive things on YouTube. This season, VH Ed takes us through a hilarious and inspiring tour of horror movies and reviews. The set is amazing and Ryan really goes all in. Please watch it all!

The Sexy Armpit’s annual Halloween Special has gotten “Great Pumpkin” level for the Halloween traditions in this house. Jay and Mike are at it again and soon we will have the 2018 Halloween Special available to view as many times as we can. I have already committed to 28 views before All Souls Day.

Of course, the guy who started this all; Matt from Dinosaur Dracula. It’s hard to believe he’s been doing this for so long and the Halloween Countdowns keep getting better! Seriously! He is already a month in and it is even better than last year. And last year was pretty rad! From the amazing videos to past recollections of Halloween commercials most have long forgotten to the famous Halloween mood table, it’s the spot that is mandatory for getting anyone in the Halloween spirit.

As the month of October progresses, I will definitely be adding to this list of notable bloggers and YouTubers because there are a lot of amazingly talented people who do some crazy and awesome stuff for Halloween.

Oh! And see that incredible artwork at the beginning of this post? That was done by Lee E. and it’s amazing! That will be this year’s banner and if you like his style, pop over and give him a shout because he deserves it! Love supporting artists and sharing their talents because onetime I tried to draw a pig and looked more like a car. So, I have mad respect for people who can create this sort of thing.

Well, it’s October. The leaves are turning, the air is getting crisp and there is a sense of doom as the low orange sky turns a light purple. It’s time to get spooky and that’s what we’re gonna do. Everyday from now until November, the Casserole of Disaster is celebrating so join us…join us….join us…..

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