Not Dead. Just Dead-ish.

Howdy, ghouls! Sorry for the break but getting a nasty virus and having a career that continuously goes haywire makes putting up timely content a bit of a struggle. But no worries! I am back and boy do I have lots and lots to show you. Oh the sights to see!

Seriously though, I have been laid out with what they thought was pneumonia but after further review, it was just a nasty bronchial infection which made breathing a bother. But I am at 100% so let the show continue!

Screen Shot 2015-09-19 at 10.09.06 AM

This weekend my boys, Brian from Review the World and Davie (DJ D) from Retro Ghouls and Shocks, are in town to film spooky reviews, brave my cooking and watch horror movies until we fear our own shadows. It’s a Fall tradition and we already have lots filmed so beware.

So, going forward through October 31st, there will be a post everyday to celebrate the best time of the year and starting October 1st a very special Spook Show is happening. I hope you know your horror movies or at least like them because if not, this news might not be as exciting. A few special people are sharing their talents to make this happen so I am hoping to make this year a continuing tradition.

Also, meet Theodore the Great. Another reason for the little break. He knows his role know as a co-host rather than a furry poop machine. We are breaking out the ouija board tonight to see if we can channel the spirit of Boris Karloff through Theo.

Screen Shot 2015-09-19 at 10.14.15 AM

Expect continuing posts here but also keep the eyes on Twitter, Instagram and now VeggieMacabre on Tumblr for minute by minute adventures. Tis the season so go start your own spooky adventures and share them with me!

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