Coming Back Soon!

Hello friends! I know I have promised a lot more material and it is coming soon but I have been traveling a lot lately so time has not been on my side. Like right now for an example, I am in a hotel room in Minneapolis and it’s 38 degrees and raining outside. I include the weather because. Just because.

So, my brother Ben and I have a few joint reviews coming including some fantastic beer, Dry Soda, and how to be “Minnesotan”. I really love this state and you’ll see that in the video reviews ahead. Also, Beers with Movie Sauce has a few rocking so here is a little hint; “Oh you’re so coo.l Brewster!”

Again, I apologize for the lag but it’ll be worth the wait. I hope.

Until then, here is a GIF I made that will send you into seizure.



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