It’s A Cheap Cat Christmas Countdown!

It took me a whole day to post this horrible video on Youtube and between that and WordPress failing me again with their awful Videopress that I paid mucho dinero for, it’s truly a Christmas miracle that I didn’t set fire to a Walgreens.

I told myself the day that my videos would be about cat ornaments it was time to take up fire-hangliding. Well, that day has arrived because for $1.79, there was no way “FUBAR” the cat was not coming home with me. In addition to a random cat ornament I also received quite a lot of trivia about the cat species on the back of his box. Go ahead and ask me how many teeth a cat has. Go ahead!

So, here is the video and I love how through the whole thing I failed to notice the top of my head is cut off. Whatever, my videos are always a bit dumb. Okay, very dumb.

Santa Bush. Take Two

Okay, let’s try this again. Last night my frustration went from a whisper to a scream when the simple act of posting a url led me to air-pinching and cursing WordPress to no end. I hate the way we have to upload media now and I don’t think that’s a secret. But the show must go on and now we need to talk a bout the strangest decoration Dollar Tree has to offer. Santa Bush.

I can’t quite wrap my head around Santa Bush. It’s like the botanical community’s own magical elf who brings little packs of plant feed to young saplings.

That was the dumbest thing I have ever written.

While I can’t understand how Santa Bush made it on the Christmas countdown or the fact I paid $3 (3x too much) I will say this new decor needs a touch of something. But what?

Fake snow! Of course! When ever someone asks what the point of fake snow is, just remember Santa Bush. Man, I keep thinking of the theme song to Sugarfoot when ever I say the name Santa Bush. Weird.

Anyway, here is Santa Bush getting it’s share of snow. I think I am going to add snow to everything from now on. Happy Holidays.

Be sure to check out Brian’s Countdown post here!

Santa Bush: Christmas Countdown

Cruising right along with the Cheap Christmas Countdown I am forced to write about this...thing.  I am writing about a weird ball with a bush on top and it has a belt (with this thing that tells time). I really don’t know what angle I am going for but I will say this new media sucks ass and I hate WORPDPRESS RIGHT NOW.


Be back tomorrow when I understand why some retard did this and how to change the way I blog again.

Coming Soon!

Hey there. The new post on the “Cheap Christmas Countdown” is posting in a bit. What are we up to…day seven? I think so. Well, anyway, here is Brian’s latest awesome post from yesterday. Merry Gum Balls! You know what that means.

Screen Shot 2012-12-16 at 12.31.06 PM
Click on Brian

Just A Pause

Before I continue with the awesome Christmas Countdown and everything silly and light hearted, I need to take a pause. A pause to express something. Anything. Yesterday was a day that can not be fathomed by even the most depraved. A day that left us all not asking why did this happen but why did God let this happen. We are all too familiar with the crazed individual or evil agenda of an ideology that preys on the helpless while the brave and strong can only react after the horror has happened. We turn on the television and feel sick when the aerial helicopter streams video of “breaking news” as we watch the roof and parking lot of a school, police entering as lines of kids with their arms up exit. It’s a society that can say, “it looks like another school shooting”. Yesterday was no different but yet it was.

At 9:30 on a chilly and clear Friday morning in a Connecticut elementary school, a heavily armed gunman entered the building as morning announcements were being read. He proceeded to shoot the principal and vice principal, school nurse and administrator with the announcement intercom still on. Then he proceeded to a kindergarten class where he massacred twenty children including the teacher before killing himself. That is what happened. That is what happened and there is nothing we can do about it.

I watched this story unfold from the very beginning when it seemed the lack of urgency with the ambulances and use of the triage tent naively symbolized the worst is over. Later on we learned that the horror had already happened and what those police and fireman walked into…I can’t. I can’t because my brain isn’t wired that way to process such true horror. As I type this some twenty hours after the massacre the little bodies are still in there as every bullet casing is found and little shoe is counted.

So, I would pray but in my tiny world this crosses the line. When the most innocent are butchered and we have to watch the parents rush to a school, who just hours before kissed their little ones awake and saw them off with backpacks too big on their tiny frames, bed-headed and excited for Christmas, they had to learn their babies were lost at the hand of pure evil. I can’t pray right now. But I can demand a change.

Screen Shot 2012-12-15 at 8.33.45 AM

See that? I carried that rifle for six years in the Army and it is designed for one purpose: killing. The bullet is a 5.56mm and travels at approximately 841 meters per second. When it penetrates a human body is tumbles and ricochet, shattering bones and turning organs to mush. It’s an evil weapon but an effective one when you want to win in a COMBAT environment. This was the weapon the gunman used against those children…babies.

Screen Shot 2012-12-15 at 8.39.45 AM

I don’t know why I feel the need to write this. I guess the juxtapose between the M-4 rifle and a kindergarten class makes it clear in my simplistic mind. Things have to change.

Now I sit here at 7:30am on a Saturday in a Starbucks, watching a mother and her two little kids go over a Christmas list for dad before they head out to for a day of holiday fun. It makes me smile but all I can think about is the presents under the parent’s tree for the little babies who were massacred, never to be opened. It’s too much sometimes.

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