Well, I am an idiot.

A big fat dope. A horse’s pa-toot. A giant Gorganite with out his hair piece. A crap-face pee drinker with a hat too big. In other words, I tried to pull the plug on Veggiemacabre without taking a few things into consideration. You see, since my random “goodbye”post I have recieved about 30 emails asking why and if I would just keep things going here without totally starting over someplace else. Honestly, I didn’t really get the concern because looking back, the quality of the site really hit a low point a year ago. Without a new canvas I thought it had no where else to go but in the drink. That is until a certain person emailed me and asked me to keep things the same because she said VeggieMacabre was one of the things that kept her happy through chemotherapy treatment. Man, that touched me to no end. Thank you.

So, I have invested in a shit load of software and hardware and while I have a lot done on the other site…I am going to eat my hat and stay here. How’s that for inconsistency? I know. I am a pukebag-turkey-titted-golf-goalie. Sue me.


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